A solo weekend in Copenhagen - Part one

I flew to Copenhagen in April! I was out there to teach Brush Lettering to a group of beginners. It all came about after speaking with Melanie from Dejlige Days on Instagram. Melanie is a British expat who has lived out there for 8 years and runs a very successful relocation business alongside her blog.

We settled on a date for the class. Unfortunately, Harry couldn't come with me as we were short on cover at our Tea Room. So, it was to be a solo trip! I booked my flights and decided to stay an extra day to get some sightseeing done too. I'd visited Copenhagen last year with my mum in the depths of Winter, so I was looking forward to seeing what Spring time had to offer in the beautiful city. I arrived just after lunchtime and made my way to the hotel to drop off my huge bag. A quick freshen up and I was back out into the city. My first stop was the picturesque tourist hotspot that is Nyhavn. The sun was out and beaming along the harbour, highlighting all of the colourful houses and glistening boats.

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