Getting ready for a new pup

In 5 days we'll be bringing a new member of the family home with us. I'm so excited I could burst!

We've been wanting a dog for what seems like forever, so when my parent's dog Boo had a date with a very handsome chap called Bow a few months ago, we knew that one of the Boo/Bow babies would be ours.

They're such cuties... it was hard to choose but we've made our selection!

We've been collecting all the bits and bobs we need for our little pal, including a hot water bottle to keep him snug over Winter. He's also going to be the hippest pup in town wearing his polkadot bandana which was a present from some friends. The crate is set up in place too... and as it's by the kitchen door, we needed a draught excluder. I'd searched around a few shops but they really weren't very attractive so I made one tonight. I bought a load of wadding from the fabric shop in town for about £3 and used some left over fabric from the wedding bunting. So easy to make and looks great in the kitchen... We just need to train little one to not chew it to shreds!

All we need now is for him to get here!

I'll introduce him to the world of blogging next week once he's settled in... but for now, here we are 3 weeks ago. 

I'm totally smitten.

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