Wedfest Prep

This year has been crazy. I once read somewhere that moving house and getting married are 2 of the most stressful things to do in a lifetime. Well... we moved house in December last year, got married in May and then to add extra excitement to the mix, Harry and I both started new jobs after the wedding!

I can't believe it's been over 3 months since we tied the knot... We were married in my parent's village church in Leicestershire. Such a tiny and beautiful church, we weren't sure how we would get everyone in but we did! The reception was held in the field behind my parent's house that their neighbours very kindly lent to us... we hired a gorgeous tent poled marquee and made it our own. I never thought i'd get so attached to a massive tent but I did. What a loser. 

As we arrived in the village on the Monday, the marquee had already started to take shape and by Wednesday lunchtime it was up and ready to decorate.

The whole week was a bit of a blur. There was a big team of us getting things done from washing plates and glasses, making puddings/cakes, walking the pups, going back and forth to the fruit and flower markets... the list goes on. 

On Thursday the weather took a bad turn and I was getting a little stressed by everything. In fact, I had a full melt down with lots of tears... I was already knackered, the rain was pouring and everyone was getting in each others way. My darling middle brother saw me crying, laughed and told me that he'd had me pegged to cry a lot earlier in the week and was proud of me for lasting so long! My tears quickly dried up, we all had a giggle and a large glass of wine. 

Friday saw the rain dry up for most of the day and the cavalry arrived! More family members and the rest of my bridesmaids were there to help... HOORAH! I realised that I couldn't do everything by myself (as much as I had tried) so I delegated like I'd never delegated before. Flowers were arranged into my array of bottles I had collected, pom poms were poofed, glasses were polished, name tags put out and bunting was hung. 

My precious 108 metres of bunting that I spent many an hour making with the girls on wedding wine/craft nights. 

I popped down to the church to see the amazing flowers that my lovely grandma had arranged... 

and I practiced my poses for Saturday

After an exhausting few days, Harry left to go and stay at the lodge with his friends. The rest of us went to the local pub to celebrate my gorgeous Mum's Birthday along with her and Dad's Wedding Anniversary! It was such a lovely evening, I could hardly eat anything but the wine went down quite well. I headed back to the marquee with 2 of my bridesmaids, Grace and Ellie along with Ellie's boyfriend Greg to make the button holes for the boys. At 11pm at night. Well, the girls made them and Greg tested out the bar and the beer to check it was all in working order. Look at those happy faces! 

We cleaned up the mess and left the tent. Ellie and Greg went home whilst Grace and I went up to the house for some sleep. I think I finally dosed off at around 2am after writing a few to do lists on my phone for the morning... Eeeek it was all suddenly a bit real! 

To be continued...


  1. I've just stumbled across your blog and wanted to say hello! I'm getting married in a year's time and I'm looking forward to reading the next instalment of your wedding day - looks like a gorgeous Church and you were very brave to do so much of the decorating yourself! Loved the couple of snaps of you on the day - your dress looks beautiful (I want sleeves on mine too!)


    1. Hi Cat! Oh how exciting for you... Planning a wedding is so much fun (if a little stressful at times) the next year will fly by for you. Thank you, it was the most amazing day, I loved my dress so much.... especially the sleeves :)

  2. I have confidence that we can do our own flowers now! :)


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