Wedfest - Part Two

As I walked into the church I can't remember seeing any faces. I focused on my breathing and tried not to cry. As I walked up the couple of steps to the Alter, I saw Harry. My tears disappeared and I just remember grinning from then on in. 

We left the church as Mr and Mrs and walked up the road to the marquee...

We did some posing...

My cousin is a designer for Lego and made a lego Lucy and Harry for us... amazing!

I did my speech!

And so did the others...

My Goddaughter posed for many a photo and loved every minute.

And one of my brother's did his party piece rendition of Phil Collins & Phil Bailey - Easy Lover. 
Totally nailed it ... As always.

And this is where I'm going to leave the photos. We were lucky enough to have my cousin Ollie film the whole day for us, so I thought I'd share with you his wonderful work.

The first song played on the video is Van Morrison 'Into the Mystic' which was our first dance.



  1. Gorgeous photos and words, both in this post and the previous one. It looks like a fabulous day! Very jealous of the personalised lego :) x

  2. You look gorgeous and everyone looks so happy! Can't beat a good wedding :)


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