Wedfest - Part One

I woke up at 6am after a few hours sleep. It'd been a late one the night before and a hectic week as I mentioned in my previous post. I was shattered but my big day was finally here! I'd been checking the weather report all week, it didn't look too great but as I stood looking out to the garden and field from the kitchen, the sun was out and the birds were singing... had the Met Office got it wrong? I made a huge cup of tea, put my hoody and wellies on over my pyjamas and headed back to the marquee. 

I had quite a few last minute bits to do and only a couple of hours do them in as I was having my hair and makeup done at 9am. It was actually weirdly calming being in there on my own, pottering about, listening to music and thinking about the day ahead. I finished off the entrance way, put the guestbook out, checked name tags, cleaned up mess and made sure the bar was all ready. I was also being sneaky... I had been thinking about doing a speech for ages but I was so worried about crying that I hadn't told anyone just incase I bottled it. I made a deal with myself, if I kept it together during the service then I could totally manage a speech in front of everyone, so I jotted a few notes down and hid them under my chair for later. 

This is the only photo I took before heading back to the house. I was pretty chuffed with all of our efforts and couldn't wait for everyone to see it! 

The sun then went behind a cloud and the rain started. It then carried on for hours.

Our wonderful photographer Matt Horan arrived and started snapping away.

(The pictures featured from now on are from Matt)

Harry's lovely cousin Julie did my hair whilst the girls made me cups of tea and force fed me toast. I then had my make up done by Dimple, an old work colleague who worked her wonderful magic on my tired face. 

Matt then popped over to Foxton where Harry and the boys were all getting ready at the Lodge. My brothers went over to join them, have a beer and make sure their future Brother in law was ready for the big day! 

Back at the house everyone was getting ready... I waited though as didn't want to sit around in my dress, so I made everyone a drink and poured myself a very large one. 

It was then my turn...The girls were all ready and waiting to help me into my precious dress. 

My brothers came upstairs to see me followed by Dad... 

As we were all getting ready, the sun broke through the clouds and the rain stopped! 

My beautiful little Goddaughter arrived so we had some photos taken outside and then walked the 60 metres down the road to the church...

At this moment I started to cry. The build up of every little detail of the morning and what was about to happen suddenly hit me... My maid of honour was on hand with a tissue to save my makeup, my dad cracked a joke to snap me out of it, I took a few deep breaths and walked in to marry Harry. 

To be continued...


  1. You look absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to see more! I love the bridesmaids dresses too, so bright and colourful. Congratulations <3 Kath x

    1. Thank you Kath :) The bridesmaids dresses were such a good find, so pleased how well they fit in with the rest of the wedding! x

  2. Oh my gosh, I am so going to cry at my own wedding! Argh!

    You look stunning. I love your dress, it suits you perfectly.x


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