Lettering and Postcards

The last few months seem to have blended into one long one. Time has flown by at a ridiculous rate this year.... Definite sign of getting older isn't it?!

Back in September I started an evening class in Calligraphy. I've been wanting to learn for a long time and after meeting Betty in Florence back in January, I decided to book onto a course and I absolutely love it! 

On arrival I was given my name card beautifully handwritten by our teacher Mary Noble ... 

There is a lovely mix of people in the class and all at different levels. As a very beginner, I started off with lower case foundational hand. Once the concept of letter shapes and spacing was figured out I moved on to traditional Roman capitals a couple of weeks later and it was a real challenge. Spacing, sizing and lots of mistakes! 

First attempts
We are now coming towards the end of the term and I'm feeling much happier with my work. Last night I moved down a nib size and getting used to the spacing etc... A few others in the class were working on Christmas cards so after practicing with the smaller letters I wrote a little festive quote. It's not perfect and I've got a lot to learn but I'm already looking forward to next term!

In October we had a much needed holiday away with Harry's family. We stayed in a lovely villa in south Tenerife. The first day or so wasn't the greatest as I was in agony from a tooth infection... luckily the drugs kicked in very quickly so I could enjoy the rest of the week.

I'd definitely go away at this time of year again. After working a very busy Summer it gave us something to really look forward to. It was the perfect amount of relaxing, yummy food, sunshine, sleep and laughter. I even read 2 books in 4 days which for me is kind of a record. When I try and read at home I get through a couple of pages and fall into a coma. 

Are you planning a sunshine break anytime soon or do you tend to wait for the official Summer holidays? 
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