Greener with the scenery

Last weekend we drove up to Leicestershire to stay with my family and go to a Christening. Not just any Christening, but one where I became Godmother to the daughter of one of my best friends. Very proud and grown up moment!

Harry and I enjoyed some chill out time too which was well needed. We walked my parent's dog Boo across the fields, she hopped through the long wet grass and chased after us when she realised we had walked too far ahead.

I rocked my Hunter wellies that are 14 years old! They're rather tatty... the right one is actually duct taped up on the back of the calf and they haven't got much grip but they are so bloody comfy, I can't bring myself to get rid of them. Maybe I'll treat myself to some new ones for the big Three Ohh next year. 

We popped down to Foxton Locks on the way home from watching my little bro play Rugby... I've been a million times but I love it there, we sat outside with a little shandy, listened to the boats chug along and the watched sun go down. 

I love the Leicestershire countryside... don't get me wrong I adore living by the sea but coming back to the miles of green fields, smell of farmyards and lovely places like Foxton so close by I'm always really happy to be home. 


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  1. lovely post....and Boo is missing you as much as I am...


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