This UK weather's nice hmmm? Urghh, it's crappy and it is DEPRESSING. This time last year we were having a heatwave and my toes were loving the sunshine. This weekend you'll find my toes tucked into a pair of socks with my winter slippers on. Under my patchwork blanket. With a hot water bottle. Nice.

I spent most of yesterday daydreaming about sunny days, light evenings, less layers and Vitamin D induced happiness. 

Looking at photos from last summer didn't really help so I snuggled under my blanket some more and caught up on some of my favourite blogs and internet browsing.

1 - These little pocket hand warmers from Fellow Fellow would be perfect at the moment! I love Claire's blog... she has some great DIY posts, wonderful photography and her wedding and honeymoon photos just make me swoon every time.

2 - Her Library Adventures was one of the first blogs I started to follow. Sophie has lovely style, loves thrifting and lives in beautiful Australia. Her Fab Fun Goals post back in January was great and like her, I'm trying to drink more water... it's harder than I first thought.

3. Emma from The Style Box is giving away this gorgeous dress on her blog. I'm not usually a fan of Jack Wills but I love this dress... and it has pockets. Massive win in my books so I'm off to Pinterest to enter!

4. I loved Becky's recent post on Milk Bubble Tea... having a night away in a hotel to do nothing at all... Harry and I work very different hours at the moment and I'm thinking that a trip to a nice hotel sometime soon would be fab. Watch a few films on the ipad, eat some junk food and talk through our wedding plans without any distractions...

image via Pinterest

Whilst on the subject of weddings, I am obsessed with ideas on Pinterest and reading wedding blogs... Mainly Rock My Wedding. Their real wedding features are just amazing and so many ideas on each one... This one here is a personal favourite at the mo, such a beautiful bride and the video made me cry, laugh and cry again.

Last but definitely not least is a great competition from You Flaming Brute.

Julia makes some wonderful jewellery and she's giving away a couple of pieces from her new Black and White collection... Pop over to the Facebook page and see how to enter!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend... what or where are you daydreaming about?

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