Hidden Treasure

Before heading for pizza on our first night in Florence we stumbled across the most amazing shop And Company. Whilst looking around we oooed and aahhhed at everything in sight, but our tummys were really grumbling so we soon headed for some food.

On our last day in the beautiful city, we packed our bags and popped out for a walk before our train to the airport. When Harry asked if I fancied another mooch around the shop we discovered a few nights before, my eyes lit up! 

We were welcomed in by the lovely Betty who owns the shop with her husband. It's a wonderful space filled with antiques, modern art and crafts all hand picked and handmade/designed by the owners. 

Betty is Italian but lived in London for several years. We talked to her about the items in her shop and how she and her husband source items to bring back to Florence as well as finding pieces locally. The shop has been open a year and is progressing wonderfully. They have also opened a pop up shop within the large Replay store in Milan.

She is also an amazing Calligrapher and her work is used by Waitrose... I thought it looked familiar and now I keep seeing it every time I go into Waitrose... see!

I wish I could go to her classes held in the shop. I'm a bit of a handwriting and Calligraphy geek and would love to learn properly... Next time!

So after a lovely chat with Betty, we bought a couple of items, said our goodbyes and headed back to Gusta Pizza for a farewell Firenze pizza...

Betty & I...

I would recommend you check out the website and if you ever go to Florence, be sure to go and visit And Company. I'm pretty sure you'll be just as excited as I was...


  1. Wow - the calligraphy is amazing! As soon as you said she did the Waitrose work I recognised it!

    Looks like a lovely shop - I always want to take everything home in places lik e that... but try to treat them more like a museum as it's easier on the purse...

    B x

    1. That's an excellent way to look at them... I'll have to do that from now :) x


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