Pisa and Firenze - part one

Aside from the excitement of our engagement and celebrating my Birthday, we also had a wonderful few relaxing days in beautiful Florence.

We flew into Pisa on the Friday night. Not wanting to rush for trains or anything we booked a night in Pisa, so after dropping off our luggage we headed out for a wander. We ended up in a tiny little bar and after quite a few drinks, we stumbled back to the hotel.

Before getting the train to Florence, we headed out in the morning to see the infamous leaning tower.

Hundreds of people were making ridiculous poses, we spent a good 10 minutes giggling and people watching, then well... we joined in. When in Rome Pisa...

That afternoon we made our way to Florence, I was so excited to show Harry to my favourite places. First off was Boboli Gardens...

Our first day ended with a visit to a gorgeous shop and some amazing pizza. We had read about Gusta Pizza on Trip Advisor and had to try it out. Gusta means fast and that it was. You place your order at the desk, grab a drink from the fridge and find a seat. If you're lucky you can sit in front of the counter and watch your pizza being made in the wood fired oven.

Your receipt number gets called out around 5 minutes later... done.

I had a classic Margherita and Harry went for the Calabrese. Both so tasty and so simple. It was easy to see why it's so popular... American students, worldwide tourists and Florentine locals all fight for a seat... and everyone likes to leave their mark somehow.

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