Life since my last post has been busy busy busy....

1 - Crispy leaves on a wintery day.
2 - My little bro returned from his travels of Australia!
 3 - My two dear brothers reunited...
4 - Boo having a snooze whilst I did some work at my parents
5 - Clear skies & Christmas tree in Leicester city centre
6 - True!
7 - We met Ron... our friends new kitten.
8 - Tickets arrived... 
9 - One of many beautiful sunrises on the way to work this month

1 - I found these guys manning the corner of Albert road at Parmiter's Antiques
2 - Tea time out with my knitted blanket by my grandma
3 - Foals doing their thang... SO GOOD.
4 - I love this little view from my flat
5 - Addictive little buggers
6 - Ron a few weeks older and posing
7 - Getting excited about our trip to Florence in January!
8 - A gig at Eastney Cellars supporting our pal Mac (on the right) 
9 - Dolled up for a wedding reception last weekend. 

Since the last photo I have been hit by full on cold, cough, sore throat and general winter bug rubbish...so the past few days have been spent on the sofa drinking tea, lemsip, watching documentaries on 4OD and catching up on all my favourite blogs. 

Hope you're all ready for Christmas? I'm almost there, still a couple of bits to get but I'm not stressing... This time next week I'll be up in Leicestershire with Harry and my family and I can't blimmin' wait. 

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