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Big news this week... H and I booked our first ever holiday together! We're heading to Florence in January for 5 days... Ooo and it happens to be my Birthday whilst we're there. Prosecco a plenty...YES!

Via Pinterest

This will be my third trip to the beautiful city and Harry's first. I'm so excited to go back and explore again. I've been a right girl about it thinking, what am I going to wear and pack?  I've only ever been to Florence in the Spring/Summer so I didn't need much. We're only taking hand luggage so obviously I'll wear my winter coat and big boots to fly, leaving me with extra bag room for other clothes etc. So I spent a while on Pinterest and got some ideas. These were some of my favourites...

I'm a big fan of layers, especially during a city break. Going in and out of galleries, museums, restaurants etc and then out in the cold air. I'll definitely pack my trusty big scarf (that I bought in Florence last time I was there) and some thick socks for my big boots... 

Are there any items of clothes you wouldn't be without for a Winter city break? Remember, hand luggage only folks! 


  1. All these pics are great. I love layering of shirts and jumpers, and a nice big winter coat.

    A big warm scarf will be great to keep you warm.

    How exciting :)

    1. Definitely agree with you on the shirts and jumpers... and I am a scarf hoarder so will probably take a couple (and buy some out there too!) x

  2. great inspiration from some great fashion bloggers!
    Stop by for a visit,

    Lydia from Vintage2Vogue



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