Just watch the fireworks

Last Friday, 7 of us went down to Gunwharf for dinner at Fire and Stone and the annual fireworks display. We had a few bottles of booze and some yummy pizza then went out onto the deck to watch the show. The crowd of a few thousand were treated to 15 minutes of fireworks with music and they were bloody amazing! 

I love going to professional organised events. Much more enjoyable and there's no stress about any of your friends lighting them incorrectly and setting fire to next door's shed. Which has never happened... (ok it did once at uni but we won't go into that) 


Wildest Moments

Big news this week... H and I booked our first ever holiday together! We're heading to Florence in January for 5 days... Ooo and it happens to be my Birthday whilst we're there. Prosecco a plenty...YES!

Via Pinterest

This will be my third trip to the beautiful city and Harry's first. I'm so excited to go back and explore again. I've been a right girl about it thinking, what am I going to wear and pack?  I've only ever been to Florence in the Spring/Summer so I didn't need much. We're only taking hand luggage so obviously I'll wear my winter coat and big boots to fly, leaving me with extra bag room for other clothes etc. So I spent a while on Pinterest and got some ideas. These were some of my favourites...

I'm a big fan of layers, especially during a city break. Going in and out of galleries, museums, restaurants etc and then out in the cold air. I'll definitely pack my trusty big scarf (that I bought in Florence last time I was there) and some thick socks for my big boots... 

Are there any items of clothes you wouldn't be without for a Winter city break? Remember, hand luggage only folks! 
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