Places and Spaces

The past month has been a busy one. An eclectic mix of a trip to Foxton Locks, 3 weddings, a drive around the New Forest, Date night in Portsmouth, a charity raffle and a visit from my parents and their gorgeous little pooch Boo.

The next few weeks will be spent making things for upcoming craft fairs and getting involved with the Southsea Sisters independent women's group. Exciting things are a comin'!

What have you got to look forward to over the next few weeks?


  1. Arghhhhh Boo is so incredibly cute! I'm already dog-broody as it is. Such sweetness - and such a cheeky, expressive face :-) !

    Love your snaps from the tent/tipi wedding - they are stunning aren't they?

    Jem xXx

    P.S The Owl snood in my October post is from Primark of all places - a bargainous £4 would you believe?!

  2. She's a clever little pup, very cheeky though :) I didn't want her to leave... We're top of the list for one of her babies in a few years time, so blimmin' cute!

    Ah thanks, I loved the tipi/tent... just made the wedding so different from the usual marquee job!

    £4?! That's a bargain, maybe on the list when I pop into Primark at the weekend, their scarves are fab - I've bought some of my favourites from there... thanks so much for letting me know :)

  3. Just discovered your blog- what lovely photographs (and Boo is ADORABLE). Looking forward to having a good snoop about and catching up on your previous posts.

    Katie x

    1. Hi Katie! Thanks so much, ha I love Boo. Just wish she lived closer :)
      Happy reading and I'll check out yours too! x


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