Bestival love

Last week Harry and I went to Bestival. This was our holiday for the year so we were sickeningly excited.

Amazing line up, beautiful weather, old friends, new friends, lots of walking, very little sleep and some amazing memories.

Ambient Forest

Friday morning yoga at the Main stage

The Wishing Tree

The creepy Swamp Shack

Mmm festival fair and tiny tired eyes. 

It was so much fun but I definitely felt my age this year. I haven't done a full 5 day festival with camping since Leeds festival 2005...back when I was in my early 20's and I could survive on 3 hours sleep. Next year we're going to have an extra large tent with an airbed or hire a yurt. Either way, I'm doing it in luxury... 

I had some serious back to work blues today... do you have any tips on how to get over the post holiday misery? Please share!


  1. It akll looks wonderful.....and the line up was jealous.I think the last time I camped at a festival was V2004...wonderful acts...but aching back.Glamping the way forward.....

  2. Looks awesome, I would've loved to have gone :) x


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