Hello Sunshine... It's been a while

As I mentioned in my previous post, the weather here in little old England has been crap with a capital C.

Rain, rain, wind, more wind, cold and more rain.

When lunch time came around yesterday, everything suddenly changed and the sun popped out to say hello. It stayed all afternoon and evening, so after work I drove home via the seafront and stopped to take in a quick dose of Vitamin D.

Southsea Parade and Pier

Unfortunately the weather has gone back to grey skies today... but hey, at least it isn't raining! (touch wood)

In other news, I'm going to attempt the Instagram photo a day challenge. Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim started this monthly challenge earlier in the year, I tried a few times but I kept forgetting...

You can read more about the challenge here . I'm starting from today (2nd May) as I accidentally forgot to take one yesterday for Peace. Good start hey?! You'll find me at @lucygooseyb

If you have Instagram, let me know if you're taking part too... I love looking at everyone's entries and their interpretations ... x


  1. I have read on a few girls blogs from the UK that the weather has been terrible! Ill send you lots of sunny thoughts from Australia!! :) I havent heard of this instagram challenge?? I love stuff like that. I might just have to start tomorrow, ill need to look up the rules etc. I will try to find you on there so I can follow your may progress.

    Anna xo

    1. Oh please send some, it's miserable! You should definitely have a try at the photo challenge, it's a lot of fun... i'm @lucygooseyb on Instagram.

      I'm insanely jealous that you live in Perth Anna... I long to be living back in that wonderful place - Cott in particular!

      Lucy x

  2. The weather was like that in Milan too but now is so much better =) good luck with that challenge =)

    1. Thanks Elle! Hopefully the weather will get better here again soon :) x


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