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I bloody love DIY. Decorating, fixing things, making things and of course arts and crafts. Every now and again however, I hit a bit of a crafty lull... sometimes it can't be helped... So I find an evening of reading some blogs and browsing Pinterest always help.

There are some great DIY projects out there at the moment and at different levels of difficulty so there is something for everyone. Here are a few that I found. They're simple but lovely.. give them a go!

Make your own notebooks - from designlovefest

Really easy and you can have fun mixing different coloured paper and card. 

Print your own Heart Blanket - from the girls at A Beautiful Mess

You could do the same with some cushion covers or if you're feeling adventurous, buy a plain and cheap duvet cover set and print that instead! Fabric paint would work just as well I reckon, especially for things like duvet and cushion covers. (Definitely going to try this one day... )

Mini Jubilee Bunting - from the lovely B & E at Make Do and Spend

Such a cute idea and can be used for lots of occasions this summer... not just the Jubilee!

My DIYs...

Last weekend I bought some cheap pencil erasers from Tesco and made some rubber stamps to add to my collection. I just drew some rough shapes onto the eraser with pencil and started slicing and chopping with a stanley knife. I also tried a simple triangle shape on a cork. I've made cork stamps before but they take some persistance as they can crumble all over the place.

Ok, so a couple of them aren't perfect but I actually like them that way! I like that the star is a bit quirky and the envelope is a bit wobbly. I've got a few ideas swirling around using some of the stamps and will have another go at some more shapes over the next couple of weeks.

I also tried my hand at a necklace that I'd seen on Pinterest last week. It was pinned from honestlywtf.

I already knew how to knot this style so I got going quite quickly, but the instructions are really easy to follow if you're not sure. I made a few bobbins out of an old cereal packet as they're easier to work with than the original thread packaging. Instead of taping to the table, I safety pinned mine to the throw on the sofa and worked from there... it was quite a nice DIY over the past few days as I've been feeling a bit under the weather. 

I added a few washers that I had in my jewellery kit and there we are. 

I'm going to make a few more and layer them up, they're so easy to just throw on to brighten up a plain t shirt or top. 

What do you think? Have you followed any projects found online recently? How did you get on? 



  1. loving the creativity....wish I could do things like this!Some lovely ideas....

  2. such amazing DIY's, they all look great! thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thanks Ester! Will do another inspiration post soon I think, seems to be the season for a good DIY :)

  3. Those stamps are amazing- particularly loving the envelope :)

    Katie x


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