Busy Goosey Bee

The last few weeks have been busy with trips to see my lovely mum, running a stall at my first craft fair and work amongst other things, so blogging has taken the back seat for a while.

This weekend has been beautiful in most of the UK. A lovely little heatwave for the time of year. Windows open when driving, french doors open at home and going out with just a cardi. No coat, Amazing! Living on the south coast is great, in 2 minutes I can be at the beach or on the common. Today I took advantage of this so me and the dog went for a walk... Ozzy is a Cocker spaniel cross with err we don't know and belongs to Harry's mum.

We had a nice little adventure across the common, down the seafront and then we stopped for afternoon tea at the Castle cafe. I documented some of it on Instagram...You can follow me on there @lucygooseyb

As if butter wouldn't melt. 

War Memorial, Southsea Common

South Parade Pier, Southsea

Yummy scone and a cuppa... 

Ozzy wanted in on the scone action...

Hope you had a lovely weekend and it was sunny where you were!


  1. Sounds like a lovely walk...and without a coat?Incredible!

    Here in western Australia, there's been a heatwave for the last. week...ever sine I landed.40 degrees celsius every day.Even lst night at 10pm it was still 30 degrees!Phew!

  2. Wow that's hot! Hopefully the spring will be in full force when you return :) xx


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