Down Tools

When I was at uni, my friend Rob and I used to watch a programme called 60 minute makeover presented by Claire Sweeney. It was a crappy show but we used to mainly watch it for the cheesy big reveal at the end... That, and whether or not Claire would shout 'DOWN TOOLS!' to all the workers when the 60 minutes were up. It always made us laugh. I'm not even sure why now!

Anyway... as promised, here is my very own (not so 60 min) makeover. This is what the ridiculous room looked like before...

BEFORE - Nice hey?! I don't know how we put up with it for as long as we did.

and now, the big reveal...Drum roll please..........

AFTER - ta da!
Lovely freestanding white sink, thrifted mirror and simple IKEA Billy bookcase

Amazing shower, crisp white tiles, shiny heated towel rail and grey laminate floor. 

Pop of spring colour

I bought some Daffodils last week in Tesco and when I got home, I realised I didn't have a vase the right size. I had a rummage around the cupboards and found an old empty coffee jar. (One of those things that Haz has been asking if I "really need" for some time now) So, after a wash and a quick Ribbon & Twine bow addition, a perfect vase was formed!

So, what do you think of my new room?! I love it so much... looking back on that before photo, I can't imagine having that dark, miserable and dated bathroom back! There are a couple of things still left to do including putting some prints and photos up, but they can be done as and when we get round to it.

Now, onto the next project...x

Busy Goosey Bee

The last few weeks have been busy with trips to see my lovely mum, running a stall at my first craft fair and work amongst other things, so blogging has taken the back seat for a while.

This weekend has been beautiful in most of the UK. A lovely little heatwave for the time of year. Windows open when driving, french doors open at home and going out with just a cardi. No coat, Amazing! Living on the south coast is great, in 2 minutes I can be at the beach or on the common. Today I took advantage of this so me and the dog went for a walk... Ozzy is a Cocker spaniel cross with err we don't know and belongs to Harry's mum.

We had a nice little adventure across the common, down the seafront and then we stopped for afternoon tea at the Castle cafe. I documented some of it on Instagram...You can follow me on there @lucygooseyb

As if butter wouldn't melt. 

War Memorial, Southsea Common

South Parade Pier, Southsea

Yummy scone and a cuppa... 

Ozzy wanted in on the scone action...

Hope you had a lovely weekend and it was sunny where you were!

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