Sunday Crafternoon

My week seemed to go on forever... so when 5pm on Friday arrived I was out of that office pronto. The most amazing sunset greeted me on the journey.

When I arrived home I was greeted with the amazing news that our Bathroom was FINISHED!!! I spent a good 15 minutes in there just looking at how pretty and shiny it was. Sad? Yep, probably but I don't care... I love it. Stay tuned for some proper photos of my new favourite room and not just the grainy ones from my phone. 

Yesterday was mostly spent cleaning up the mess that was our flat. There's been a layer of dust over everything whilst the builders were here so it was lovely to have a chilled out Saturday night in a clean and tidy space. As for today, well after a lovely lazy Sunday morning and a few dull chores I finally got to sit down and make some bits and bobs this afternoon. I made some cards for my first ever craft fair that I'm doing at the beginning of March. They're notecards that I'll be selling as a pack of 4. 

So the next couple of weeks I'll be busy making more cards and other bits in preparation for the Fair... And hopefully there'll be a few more of these beautiful sunsets on the drive home from work... x

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  1. wow, wow, wow! What wonderful photos of the sunset! And I can't wait to see the cards....


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