Sunday Crafternoon

My week seemed to go on forever... so when 5pm on Friday arrived I was out of that office pronto. The most amazing sunset greeted me on the journey.

When I arrived home I was greeted with the amazing news that our Bathroom was FINISHED!!! I spent a good 15 minutes in there just looking at how pretty and shiny it was. Sad? Yep, probably but I don't care... I love it. Stay tuned for some proper photos of my new favourite room and not just the grainy ones from my phone. 

Yesterday was mostly spent cleaning up the mess that was our flat. There's been a layer of dust over everything whilst the builders were here so it was lovely to have a chilled out Saturday night in a clean and tidy space. As for today, well after a lovely lazy Sunday morning and a few dull chores I finally got to sit down and make some bits and bobs this afternoon. I made some cards for my first ever craft fair that I'm doing at the beginning of March. They're notecards that I'll be selling as a pack of 4. 

So the next couple of weeks I'll be busy making more cards and other bits in preparation for the Fair... And hopefully there'll be a few more of these beautiful sunsets on the drive home from work... x


Hurry up, we're dreaming...

I've been dreaming of a bathroom I can love for months now... (18 months to be exact) Our little flat has been crying out for a little makeover in the bathroom department since it was first fitted years ago. Sadly the builders have put it on the back burner several times and we never thought it would get done....

That all changed on Tuesday! The builder had text us to confirm so that morning during my daily rush to get ready for work, I cleared everything out ready for the fun to commence. I came home to an empty and cold shell.

                   Terrible photo quality due to bad light and my iphone having no flash. 

I do have a before shot but looking at it now, I don't think I'm ready to share it with the world just yet. Maybe another day. The huge ugly sink has been ripped out along with the circa 1950's yellow bathtub. That mirror unit has now gone too... the only thing that is staying is the toilet as it was only fitted just before we moved in. 

That hole at the back is actually daylight coming through... We're in the middle of a very cold UK snap at the moment so to say it was draughty in the flat on Tuesday night is putting it mildly. Brrrrr. 

So far we've had pipes moved around, plumbed in, floorboards pulled up, ceilings pulled down, plastering done and a whole lot of dust. There's a thin layer of it over everything in the flat. Nice eh? According to the professionals it will be finished by the coming Tuesday. (Fingers crossed) I'm so excited. I've been buying bits and pieces, reading other blogs and scouring Pinterest for ideas so I can't wait for it to be finished so I can make it pretty. I'm going to be making and doing up a few bits for it too, so stay tuned for the after photos and things I've been up to. 


PS: The title of this post came from listening to lots of M83 this afternoon, so I thought I'd share. The album 'Hurry up we're dreaming' came out late last year and I still love it... This single 'Midnight City' is all over the radio at the moment... this live version is incredible. Enjoy! 


Let's start at the very beginning...

This is a big step! Being one of the most indecisive people on the South Coast, this first ever post on my first ever blog has taken some time.

I'll be sharing my love of arts & crafts, the seaside, music and whatever else takes my fancy.

View over the Solent at Sunset.

So hello...this is my crafty life by the sea.
Back soon...x

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