This year has had many highs, a few crappy lows and in-betweens.


I have decided that 2013 is the year to make things happen. I have a little list of things I want to achieve by this time next year... one of those is to get a groove on with this little blog. I've noticed that I only ever put up 2 posts a month and that is going to change... so stay tuned.

Here's to a wonderful new year and thank you to everyone who has read and commented on my posts over the last 12 months... I like you a lot!

Lucy x

Simply having a wonderful Christmas fayre

After lots of planning and running around like mad women, my friend Julia and I opened the doors to our first festive fayre earlier this month!

We had stalls from some amazing local sellers and something for everyone!

Vintage inspired jewellery from Little Treasures
Cards, crafts and gifts from Miss Rose
I adored these photos from Lucy Schorn 
And I fell in love with Lucy's dog amazingly called Stevie Nicks. So bloody cute... 
Leather bunting from Heather
Gorgeous glassware from Clare
Incredible prints from Paul Parsons at the Urban Gallery (we bought top left for our flat)
These prints and beautiful wooden toys from Artisanat were really popular

Amazing jewellery from You Flaming Brute
Some vintage bits and pieces from my stall
Ceramics from Kelly Loves

Elsbells jewellery
Along with great stalls from Ooh La LapinMia Mai, Alice McWilliams and Gamble and Gunn...

As well as the craft stalls we had a craft workshop... children could come an make a tree decoration and adults could experiment with fabric wreaths.

We also had the lovely Emma and Sarah doing festive nail painting and of course there was some delicious mulled wine along with beautiful cakes, minced pies and gingerbread men.

The lovely gents from Snout Crackle Trot were there with some delicious rottiserie Turkey, Cranberry and rocket baguettes...  They were so tasty I had one for lunch and one for dinner!

Snout Crackle Trot
And for a bit of cheesy festive fun we had a photobooth upstairs...

We both really enjoyed it and are already thinking about next year! But in the meantime, I need to wrap some presents... oh and listen to this a bit more...



Life since my last post has been busy busy busy....

1 - Crispy leaves on a wintery day.
2 - My little bro returned from his travels of Australia!
 3 - My two dear brothers reunited...
4 - Boo having a snooze whilst I did some work at my parents
5 - Clear skies & Christmas tree in Leicester city centre
6 - True!
7 - We met Ron... our friends new kitten.
8 - Tickets arrived... 
9 - One of many beautiful sunrises on the way to work this month

1 - I found these guys manning the corner of Albert road at Parmiter's Antiques
2 - Tea time out with my knitted blanket by my grandma
3 - Foals doing their thang... SO GOOD.
4 - I love this little view from my flat
5 - Addictive little buggers
6 - Ron a few weeks older and posing
7 - Getting excited about our trip to Florence in January!
8 - A gig at Eastney Cellars supporting our pal Mac (on the right) 
9 - Dolled up for a wedding reception last weekend. 

Since the last photo I have been hit by full on cold, cough, sore throat and general winter bug the past few days have been spent on the sofa drinking tea, lemsip, watching documentaries on 4OD and catching up on all my favourite blogs. 

Hope you're all ready for Christmas? I'm almost there, still a couple of bits to get but I'm not stressing... This time next week I'll be up in Leicestershire with Harry and my family and I can't blimmin' wait. 

Just watch the fireworks

Last Friday, 7 of us went down to Gunwharf for dinner at Fire and Stone and the annual fireworks display. We had a few bottles of booze and some yummy pizza then went out onto the deck to watch the show. The crowd of a few thousand were treated to 15 minutes of fireworks with music and they were bloody amazing! 

I love going to professional organised events. Much more enjoyable and there's no stress about any of your friends lighting them incorrectly and setting fire to next door's shed. Which has never happened... (ok it did once at uni but we won't go into that) 


Wildest Moments

Big news this week... H and I booked our first ever holiday together! We're heading to Florence in January for 5 days... Ooo and it happens to be my Birthday whilst we're there. Prosecco a plenty...YES!

Via Pinterest

This will be my third trip to the beautiful city and Harry's first. I'm so excited to go back and explore again. I've been a right girl about it thinking, what am I going to wear and pack?  I've only ever been to Florence in the Spring/Summer so I didn't need much. We're only taking hand luggage so obviously I'll wear my winter coat and big boots to fly, leaving me with extra bag room for other clothes etc. So I spent a while on Pinterest and got some ideas. These were some of my favourites...

I'm a big fan of layers, especially during a city break. Going in and out of galleries, museums, restaurants etc and then out in the cold air. I'll definitely pack my trusty big scarf (that I bought in Florence last time I was there) and some thick socks for my big boots... 

Are there any items of clothes you wouldn't be without for a Winter city break? Remember, hand luggage only folks! 

Not just for Halloween

I'm not a huge fan of Halloween, but with the 31st October fast approaching, I thought I'd share the closest thing to a Halloween ish recipe I have! I make it with Butternut Squash but you could easily swap it for Pumpkin if you fancied. This is one of my favourite dinners, I seem to make it more than anything else as it's just so easy.

Squashy Pasta

When I first started making this, I didn't use the Chorizo and it was still as delicious... So if you're a Vegetarian don't worry, just leave it out!

- Preheat the oven to about 200 degrees Celsius / Gas mark 6.
- Chop up the Butternut Squash and onion into chunks and put into a roasting tray. 
- Pop in a couple of chopped garlic cloves, salt & black pepper and drizzle it all with some olive oil. Stir it all so everything is nicely glistening in oil. 

- Roast in the oven for 30 minutes. 
- Around 10 mins before the time is up, put your pasta on to cook (depending on how long yours takes!) 
- At this point you also want to put your chopped up Chorizo into the pan with the squash etc. 

- Once pasta is cooked, drain it but leave a teeny bit of water left in the pan. Put the contents of the roasting tin in with the pasta and add a couple of big spoonfuls of Creme Fraiche. 

- Give it all a good stir over a low heat just so the creme fraiche heats through. It's totally up to you how much you put in... I tend to add a bit more as I like this dish quite creamy. 

- You're ready to serve. Grate some fresh Parmesan over the top with some more black pepper and enjoy! 

It's not the best looking dish I grant you but it's so yummy. I find it such an easy dish to make and I always end up making too much. It's nice the next day too heated through in the microwave. 

Let me know if you give it a go and I hope you like it! 

(Apologies for the shoddy photos... iphone and bad lighting in my tiny kitchen)

Places and Spaces

The past month has been a busy one. An eclectic mix of a trip to Foxton Locks, 3 weddings, a drive around the New Forest, Date night in Portsmouth, a charity raffle and a visit from my parents and their gorgeous little pooch Boo.

The next few weeks will be spent making things for upcoming craft fairs and getting involved with the Southsea Sisters independent women's group. Exciting things are a comin'!

What have you got to look forward to over the next few weeks?

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